What is Kingdom Chaos?

Apologies for posting a trailer for the second game without mentioning what the hell the game is in the first place.

Take the basic concept of Kingdom Hearts, traveling from world to world meeting strange new people and fighting evil. Now replace the Disney and Final Fantasy characters with those from other video games. Thus ‘Kingdom Chaos’ was born.

Kingdom Chaos 1

After one of the Chaos Emeralds shatters, ripping holes into other realities; a ragtag group of adventurers from various worlds join forces to unite the emerald shards, fighting and righting wrongs as they do so.

Kingdom Chaos 2 – Crisis Mirror

A group of heroes; some old, some new, are transported into a digital realm and now seek their way home. They encounter the viral force of Order, seeking to control the digital realm the heroes have found themselves in and only the power of Chaos can stop them.

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